The Mega Man Network Podcast Returns, Join In!

The Mega Man Network Podcast was a event that allowed members of the IRC channel to converse on certain topic pertaining to Mega Man. This was our first foray into podcast territory, and we did alright, but I think it's time to bring it back. I've revamped the way these are going to take place, and up the ways that people can contribute to the podcast, even if they are not able to speak in it. New features include

* A chat room (via IRC) where people wanting to communicate with those in the podcast while it's going on (#tmmnpodcast via * You can send us an email with a quote (text or audio) asking a question about the topics to be presented in the podcast or Mega Man in general * Give us ideas to talk about via the IRC channel live

A big new feature that's going to be fun is a monthly podcast where we gather four people to play a certain game, like say, Mega Man 2 or Mega Man X4. Or maybe a speed run in MegaMan Legends or Mega Man ZXA. In the case of MM2/X4, if you were picked, you'd be given two stages to clear, all the while talking to the people in the podcast and having a great time. We have big plans for these, and sometimes, we may even give prizes to the winner.

So, there you have it, folks. Of course, to join our podcasts, you'll need Skype, a free program that allows you to talk to anyone over the internet for free, an IRC program to join the IRC channel (mIRC is ideal: free and very simple to use), and a mic if you're actually going to be talking in the podcast (duh).

We want the podcast to become just as big an addition to the site as the MMN Resets have, and we want you to enjoy them all the same. But we're not gonna be able to know what you want unless you tell us! So make yourself apart of the MMN Podcast Sessions whenever possible! Check out the podcast channel, or the podcast topic to get more details for when the podcasts will take will place and the topics being discussed. Thanks, guys.