Mega Man Star Force 3: One title revealed

corocoro9_ryusei3_cocorocoIt appears CoroCoro has leaked a little early in Japan, as details have emerged that one of the titles for Star Force 3 will be Black Ace, which will release in Japan on November 13th. It's unknown if this will be one of two or more titles, and if they'll release simultaneously or not.

The transformations listed for this version of the game include Cancer Noise, Corvus Noise, Virgo Noise, Crown Noise and Wolf Noise, and perhaps others. These are the forms available before receiving the ultimate transformation, which is known as "Finalize." This form can be achieved when the in-battle Noise ratio passes 200%, causing Mega Man's body to turn jet black and grow wings. Abilities include Float (no panel effects) and Noise Force Big Bang attack "Black End Galaxy."

Finally, the new character Shidou will be able to transform with Acid, becoming Acid Ace.

News Credit: COCOROG, 2ch