Mega Man 9 soundtrack - TWO of them

It looks like Inti Creates little secret is spilled. According to a Japanese online store, Inti Creates will release not just an original soundtrack for Rockman 9 on September 12th, but an arranged soundtrack for Rockman 9 on October 10th. The original will run ¥2,500 (about $22.81 USD) while the arranged will run ¥3,000 (about $27.37 USD). Hopefully, unlike ZX GIGAMIX, these won't be limited releases, and you'll be able to snag your own copies via a preferred importer. We'll definitely let you know when that happens as well as further developments. Hm, September 12th. That would mean Rockman 9 would probably release in Japan on or before that date. I'm hedging my bets on September 9th - as the date is 9/9, and that also lands on a Tuesday, the day in Japan when Virtual Console and WiiWare are updated.

UPDATE: You can see an image of the original soundtrack's cover at Famitsu. Details mentioned include the CD having 35 tracks, along with a sound effects track, and a booklet containing comments from the developers, as well as illustrations and comments from manga artists Hitoshi Ariga, Shigeto Ikehara and Koji Izuki.

UPDATE 2: Inti Creates has announced the original soundtrack, and put up a partial track list. Unfortunately there are no samples yet.

News Credit: Rock Miyabi, GoNintendo