Another Interview With Hironobu Takeshita

Not much is new, but we do have a bit of info about what to expect (or in this case.. imagine) from the online features in store for Mega Man 9: UGO: For the XBLA and PSN versions, can we expect some kind of online leaderboards so we can see how we stack up against the truly hardcore?

Takeshita: I really can’t say much about that, but you know how the XBLA and PSN work, so I’m sure you can imagine.

The interview, via UGO's game blog, gives insight on the process of getting people to work on the title, why you're not seeing any new animations from Mega Man, and how the game is supposed to stand up to the rest of the series in the 8-bit style after so long.

Source: Interview with Mega Man 9 Producer - Hironobu Takeshita | Games Blog |