Major Public Security Announcement

Hello everyone. This public security announcement concerns everyone who uses the internet. A major internet-wide exploit has been unveiled this past week concerning DNS servers and attacks have already begun. These servers act as translators for text-based URLs (such as or even and their corresponding IP addresses (Google Canada's is, for reference). Being able to attack these servers can potentially open the door to the creation of the largest and most elaborate phishing operations the world has ever seen. This is why it is important to act now. While a select few ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have confirmed patching their systems, MANY other people are still vulnerable to this attack. This is why I'm urging anyone who is checking our website to heed this warning. Possible solutions include testing your DNS, and switching DNS servers to OpenDNS. The test isn't foolproof, but OpenDNS has confirmed having patched their servers and is my personal recommendation for anyone who wants to be completely safe.

Here is a listing of links to check out:

DoxPara Research One of the main websites urging people to test their connection to see if they're protected. Look for the "Check my DNS" button. Please try the test a few times if you want to err on the side of caution. If you get an indication that you're at risk even once, don't even hesitate in switching to OpenDNS immediately.

OpenDNS The near-global recommendation for a patched DNS server. It is a free service and does not require registration for any of the basic functionality you need to surf the internet. DNS settings are explained quite thoroughly and clearly on their website. If you have any problems or additional questions, please post them in our Technology forum.

The Register: "Exploit code for Kaminsky DNS bug goes wild" & "World's biggest ISPs drag feet on critical DNS patch" Articles from The Register detailing the release of the exploit and which ISPs haven't patched yet.

As of this writing, large providers around the world are still at risk: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Time Warner in the United States of America, among many others. Bell Canada, Videotron Telecom in Canada. Carphone Warehouse Broadband, Opal Telecom, Roadrunner, Orange, Enventis Telecom, Earthlink, Griffin Internet, and Jazztel are others around the world that are mentioned in The Register's article.

If your ISP isn't on this list, this by NO MEANS indicates you are safe. Smaller ISPs and resellers are very likely and probably more at risk. Please contact your ISPs customer service and urge them to take note of this problem.

Here's a list of confirmed safe ISPs (some are partially safe) Comcast (partial), Plusnet, Earthlink, Suddenlink, AT&T (partial, region-based), Level3 (partial).

For the tl;dr crowd (I know you're out there): there's big baddies out there who want to cause harm to the internets. Read the full article. Please.