Interviews with Hironobu Takeshita, Mega Man 9 Producer

While Keiji Inafune may be contributing a lot to Mega Man 9, he's not the only one in the driver's seat. Hironobu Takeshita is the Producer for Mega Man 9, and he's had his hands full at E3 with people interviewing him. The first of these interviews, in video form, can be found at GameTrailers, where he discusses the direction they wanted to go in with Mega Man 9, including the use of 8-bit as an art style choice, rather than a "generation"-influenced decision.

The second is in text format, and comes from Jeremy Parish at, where he discusses why they went back to 8-bit specifically, rather than 16- or 32-bit, how long the stages will be, the reason for Splash Woman, and more.

The third is a Kotaku "Justify Your Game" segment, where Takeshita is forced to do as the title implies in just 15 seconds. Many others have failed-- can he succeed?

And finally, I don't even know if he's in this or not-- IGN has what was a live-stream playthrough of Mega Man 9 in their Live Wire show, but I couldn't get the slaggin' software to install right, so I've not seen it yet. If there's anything good, tell us in the comments below and we'll amend this post.

Edit: According to Tornado Man, the IGN show says the aforementioned bolt which looks as though it can only be reached by sliding actually is obtainable through a special weapon; they continue to stand by the statement of no slide or charging Buster.