More Mega Man from Around the Net

Looks like the original Mega Man is getting around the net even more than his EXE counterpart these days. Here's just a few things going on with people talking about the Blue Bomber: - Following up on his previous article about the merits of Mega Man 9's different approach, Jeremy "Toastyfrog" Parish has looked back and given Mega Man 5 another try, to unexpected results.

- GameDaily has posted a "Retro Rewind" that looks back at not only the Classic series, but the X series as well. Aside from omitting non-numbered entries, there are some errors here and there... how many can you find?

- GameTrailers has a new video showing off the characters of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and while no Mega Man characters have been announced yet, the second half shows off a match taking place aboard the Gesellchaft from MegaMan Legends.

- Fans of the webcomic Dueling Analogs and artist/writer Steve Napierski's "Rejected Mega Man Villains" may be interested in this poster, which features all 33 of the scrap-bin scoundrels.

Thanks to MegamanForever and Ageman for tips 2 and 3, respectively (though I honestly never saw either until well after I made the post).