Mega Man 9 not WiiWare Exclusive--UPDATED: It is. Blame Dr. Wiily.

That's right, folks. This may not come as a surprise to most of you, as the OLFC did mark the game as "multiplatform" when they rated it, but Mega Man 9 will not be WiiWare exclusive. It will also be hitting Xbox Live Arcade and the PSN when the game debuts, whenever that may be. Excellent news for those who don't currently own a Wii.

Remember, kids: If you've been living in a box this entire time, you can get more information on the new Classic series game here.

A few screen shots of the game and discussion can be found here.

Source: Kombo

UPDATE: This has actually been debunked, with Ars Technica reporting that Capcom has stated the game as WiiWare only, and that information suggesting otherwise was a mistake.