Mega Man 9 Confirmed

First of all, I would like to say, before anything else, when the Mega Man Network says they will come through for you, we mean it. Also, that dreams do come true!megaman9smallmegaman9-2smallmegaman9-3small

These are actual scans from the next edition of Nintendo Power. Mega Man 9 has been confirmed for release on Nintendo's game download service, "WiiWare"

The text is a bit hard to make out, so why don't I list the new Robot Masters for you?

Magma Man Galaxy Man Jewel Man Concrete Man Hornet Man Plug Man Tornado Man Splash WOMAN

Inti Creates, a group of former Capcom staffers that worked on the first three Mega Man X games, the team behind the Mega Man ZERO and Mega Man ZX series, is slated to work on this game.


To catch the rest of the pictures, click the following links!

Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8 Screenshot 9 Screenshot 10

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Credit goes to Erico for the scans! We will provide you with larger scans when available! Check out Black Draco's transcription of some of the article at, here!

EDIT: Out of respect to Nintendo Power, we aren't linking to a legible version of the scans, but for the purpose of validity, we wanted to show that these are in fact for real and from the publication. Thanks for understanding.