Mega Man 9 Finally In the Works?

A couple of day's ago you might have read Destructoid's news about Mega Man 9 possibly in the works, and that it would be for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, thus being a download and having online multiplayer and leaderboards (What kind of game is being suggested here?) Anyway a few sites have now reported that the the title "Mega Man 9" was just registered on an Australian Government website, and that seems to be true. This is however not some random thing, in fact most games titles such as Castlevania and the "Tales of" games are usually found out this way before any kind of announcement is made, it's just odd that it comes from Australia first.

If you want to believe the Destructoid news about it possibly being a downloadable game, someone posted in the comments of GoNintendo's newspost that suggests Red Ant Enterprise is Capcom's XBL pubslisher.

Edit: Additionally, IGN posted up a list of confirmed games to which Capcom has 2 untitled games. Remember E3 is July 17th, so if anything happens, we'll definitely know by then.

News Credit: Destructoid, GoNintendo, IGN