Rockman + Earthbound = Earth Man? And RPM Is Copying Us!

Yeah, you read right! Rockman Perfect Memories, The site that USED to be cool went and-- No, I'm kidding. They have a cool little surprise that was added to the site. More on that after the trailer for Earth Man

Yes, you read right. Earth Man. A combo of NES Mega Man gameplay and Mother (Earthbound) 2. It looks wonderful and sounds amazing. You'd play it, right? You know, personally, I wouldn't mind playing a game called Mother Man...

...And it's not real. Oh, how the internets disappoint us. ServCry.gif If you want to download this video, CLICK HERE!


And for Rockman Perfect Memories? They have gone Wiki! ... Well, sort off. Announced a few days ago, this Wiki is NOT a replacement for their site, but a place to better edit and save MM infomation in their never-ending quest for justice. You've probably stopped reading here and already went to the bottom for the link.

Head over to their forum to help them decide whether they should keep the Wiki open to the public, or if only trusted members should be able to have editing rights.