X Edge Features Capcom and Co.

File this one under hypothetical news. According to Kotaku, an RPG by the name of X (Cross) Edge is due to release for the PS3 this September. Now, some of you might recall a little while back a title called Namco X Capcom, an RPG featuring popular characters from Namco and Capcom franchises, including some from Mega Man Legends. Well they seem to be at it again, and this time they've invited a few more friends. Of course, with five companies contributing characters and content, it might be a little strained for any Mega Man characters to get in (right now only a few Dark Stalkers characters have been announced), but we'll definitely report if any are. X Edge will likely only release in Japan, but with the PS3 being region free you importers should have an easy time accessing it. News Credit: Kotaku