MMPU and Maverick Hunter X Back in Stock at Capcom Shop

Get 'em while you can! If you're a late adopter of the PSP, perhaps of the newer, more slimlined model, you might not have gotten around to picking up such treasures as Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X. Of course, if that's the case, we would ask what you're even doing hanging around a site like this, but we aren't the judgemental type here. If you did by chance happen to miss these two modern-day remakes of two classic titles, then luck is in your favor today, as Capcom's own "DJ" has posted on the Capcom blog that he's gotten these two back in stock for the Capcom Store, alongside Monster Hunter Freedom for the PSP, and Street Fighter Alpha Anthology for the PS2. All but Street Fighter are $19.99, with SF Alpha Anthology running $29.99, and Powered Up carrying the disclaimer "Back by popular demand and in limited supply. Get it before it's gone for good!"

He also adds the following bad news, as he puts it:

It took some cajoling (throwing myself on the ground, kicking and screaming uncontrollably) to get these back. If they sit in inventory unsold, I will look worse than I did during my tantrum. Your support will ensure that I donโ€™t look foolish and will give me some credibility the next time I come unglued in my ongoing effort to make older titles available to you, our loyal fans.

So bear this in mind, that your actions today could have bearing on what Capcom is able to do for us in the future. They've been pretty cool as of late, considering, so let's not let them down!