Wave Command Cards Confirmed For Star Force 2? Ye Gods, the world is coming to an end.

As some people have often mentioned, Capcom of America tends to...cut things out of North American releases of Mega Man titles. Voice acting, E Reader Cards, entire Network Maps, Boktai cameos (although this one couldn't be helped in the case of BN6...) and much, much more. Star Force was no different with its Transer Card and Lunar Knights features removed, but it seems the bad times are coming to an end...for now. Much to the complete shock of many, Ryusei No Rockman 2's acclaimed Wave Command Card system will be brought over in tact for the North American release of Star Force 2. According to The Undersquare, Capcom U.S.A.'s PR Specialist Jason Allen confirmed that the Cards will be available, although no details were given at this time. Could this be a sign of changing times, or will it amount to a one time only feature? You can bet we will keep a close watch on this and report any future developments.

~Original Source; http://www.theundersquare.com