Crisis Averted!

As you may have noticed, The Mega Man Network is no longer active. Due to some large TMMN staff losses including Lord Black Draco, TheDivine, Sylvester, and RockNRoll, it was agreed to reconvert every ounce of data under the Atomic Fire name. Come back often, since LanceHeart (A.K.A. Slave Boy) is hard at work making everything right. So, I managed to mend some ties and kicked TheDivine in the nads. Everyone has cooled down and we're back to normal. I swear, next time this happens I'm taking a vacation.

In other, exclusive news: We recently discovered (through a bit of snooping) that a Mega Man styled Devil May Cry game is in the works! Based on the looks and gameplay, it will likely end up on the DS. PSP owners can hold out hope, though. Click here for the clip we managed to find on Capcom's site!