Capcom Gamer's Day is dead, CAPTIVATE08 rises from the ashes

The announcement of Gamer's Day not happening this year -or ever again- was confirmed by Chris "Kramez" Kramer on the Capcom Unity blog. In its place, a new event called CAPTIVATE08 will be Capcom's new media event, currently scheduled for the end of May and all of the big gaming media guests have already been invited, including G4, Kotaku and Game Informer. Kramer also said that this new event will feature many different recently-announced games, such as Bionic Commando, Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5. In addition to those games, a few new games might be shown, so here's to hoping we get new Mega Man content! As a special bonus, Kramer hinted at the possibility of Capcom Unity inviting five of its community members for a chance to attend the event! The full details on how to be eligible for an invite will be coming in the following month.

On a side note, Kramer also talked about all of the other upcoming events that Capcom will take part in:

Do not despair if you’re part of the media have not been invited, however. There will be many, many opportunities to catch up with Capcom this year. There will be this year’s E3, of course (cue farting noise), Comic-con in San Diego, CES in Vegas in January, quarterly press tours to New York, LA and (constantly) throughout the Bay Area, as well as some international events (Games Convention in Germany, TGS). Heck, we may even put on a few more smaller events like Digital Day.
-Chris "Kramez" Kramer