Another Rockman book?

In a recent post we talked about Ariga's work and to some degree infatuation with the upcoming Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works. Near the bottom though was something that was missed, as I assumed Mr. Ariga was just continuing on his tangent. He states: "Though doing various work related to serials other than Rockman and other work outside of manga, the first is perhaps this 'Rockman & X Picture Book'!" Admittedly, it's hard to tell if he's still talking about the Official Complete Works or some all new, up-til-now unmentioned art book. However, a couple days later he makes this post entitled "Amidst Rockman picture book work." It reads: "While collecting 20 years of artwork and everyone's comments that've given support, I came to tears gradually. This will certainly be a good book."

At this point I still feel uncertain in saying that Ariga may be working on an additional Rockman artwork book. Needless to say though, whatever he is working on it's going to be profound.