Rockman & X book possibly too good for mortals

Japanese manga artist Hitoshi Ariga is reminding us via his blog about the Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works coming this March. Perhaps this is because he's a supervisor of the book's production, and has a hand in the organization, editing, text and so forth. And then perhaps it's because he's so excited about the book the majority of his posts talks about just how damn awesome it's gonna be. According to Ariga, the work being produced is something like a big encyclopedia, and seemingly will be printed by Japanese book publisher Kodansha in a two volume set.

The schedule of work on the book has been intense, though Ariga is seemingly all the more pleased by this. The book is said to include an interview with the franchise father himself, Keiji Inafune, as well as interviews with artists connected to the classic and X series.

On top of interviews, the book will also include stories from "back in the day," including stories not generally known to the public. Ariga claims there're stories that'll not just make you laugh and grab your interest, but perhaps even move you to tears a little.

But overall, Ariga is just pleased as punch with how great this book is going to be. He orders every fan of Rockman and Rockman X to buy it. We will, Mr. Ariga, we will.

Additionally, another blogger claims that the book will be printed in A4 format and be around the realm of 300 pages, though this remains to be seen. March can't come soon enough.