Nintendo Spurns Mega Man from Brawl?

We can now say with pretty much certainty that Mega Man's not gonna get into Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Heck, some people in the MM community probably claim they've been saying it with certainty for months now, and a good deal of us were probably somewhat pessimistic. But nevertheless, Brawl is sans Mega Man, or any Capcom characters for that matter. But is there a reason? Over at Kotaku, a provocative little rumor is going around. The rumor claims that Capcom got the shaft for Brawl love because Nintendo was still upset over losing exclusivity of Resident Evil 4. This according to nameless industry insiders, at least. Now, while it's not unheard for a company I'm sure, I have a hard time believing Nintendo would be petty over something like that. In the grand scheme of things, they wouldn't stand to profit having such an attitude. After all, Capcom certainly isn't the only one being "put out" as it were. At the end of it all, only two characters non-Nintendo characters did make it in. Now, if Brawl ended up having five non-Nintendo characters and still no Mega Man, that might in fact show a little bias. But instead, it seems the developers simply preferred to keep Brawl in the family, for the most part.

That or they just couldn't decide which Mega Man to use.