WilyWare, Inc.: Mega (Man) Microgames

Another curious Rockman game heads to cell phones, and given that I'm using the name Rockman, yes, this is a Japan-only thing. Famitsu is reporting on a new cell phone Rockman game titled "Intuition! Rockman" for 904i and higher series phones. The game actually contains a variety of minigames. They become accessible from capsules received by shaking or tilting the phone (didn't know they could do that now). Each minigame you complete reduces Dr. Wily's HP. When it reaches 0, you can play minigames such as "Target Wily" and "Round 'n Round Wily." There are 12 kinds of minigames in all; from the screens they definitely look pretty interesting. There are additional modes as well, such as Album Mode, where you can play the minigames again and again with increasing difficulty, and Ranking Mode, where you can compare your game scores with others around the country. This also includes the ability to play against other people whose phones support linking equipment. I'm not sure how far Mega Man has advanced with cell phones in the West, but maybe someday we can hope to see quirky games like this. You can see additional screens at Game Watch.