Wanna Be A Star, Man? Be a Robot Master, or something more, in a fan movie

Ok, so if there's anything that most video game movies have taught us, it's that turning a video game into a live action production usually doesn't go well. Especially if the property was cartoon in origin. At the very least, liberties are very likely to be taken. And it's for this reason that most fans typically bemoan the very prospect of a live-action Mega Man film. A couple of years ago, however, some fans did make a fan trailer for such an idea as a college project, and was met with a modest amount of positivity.

Which brings us to today, as Rockman Perfect Memories reports that a director in the New York area by the name of Eddie Lebron is making a fan-movie about the original Blue Bomber, in which Lebron aims to use the story of the first game.

You can find out about the open parts here, which are looking to fill the roles of Fireman, Iceman, Elecman, and Roll with people from the 18-24 age range, as well as a 31-40 year old Dr. Wily and 41-50 year old Dr. Light. Check the link for additional information as to what pluses one can bring to the part.

Auditions are January 12th, and shooting will take place over 15 days in mid-February.

News Credit: Rockman Perfect Memories via IO9