Mega Man not in Brawl, yet

I think a lot of us Mega Man fans have generally been keeping our hopes down about Mega Man being in Nintendo's battle royale specatular: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. With the inclusion of Snake and Sonic, Mega Man would seem the perfect video game icon to jump in on the action too. Regardless, it has a too-good-to-be-true quality to it, and I think especially us older and more pessimistic fans would not raise much stake in Mega Man receiving such an honor, if at least not to jinx the possibility. Amidst a Podcast interview with Keiji Inafune over the new Bionic Commando title, a question about Mega Man's inclusion in Brawl was shot at the man. Here's what Keiji had to say:

Well, I really do love Super Smash Brothers. It's a great series…but, Nintendo hasn't asked me yet if they can use Mega Man in their game. I'm still waiting…we have a little bit of time left, it's not coming out for another few months. They might get around to asking us if we'd like to put Mega Man in Super Smash Brothers. Maybe if somebody from Nintendo is listening to this podcast, they'll give me a call.

Of course Brawl is coming out next month in Japan, so one might have to wonder how long ago this interview took place, or on the other hand, how much Keiji is really keeping up with Brawl. And of course there's still quiet musings as to what that whole Mega Man Scramble Battle thing was about. Mega Man could be holding out for his own fighting title, but would it stand toe-to-toe with Brawl?

News Credit: GoNintendo, Fanewgie

-Heat Man