Anniversary Slumbers By; Magazine Captures Attention

You have to admit that, while some neat events led up to the big day, Mega Man's 20th anniversary passed by with little incident, especially if you don't live in Japan. They at least got a warm message from Keiji and a look at schwag to buy. But now something has come up. All the big gaming sites seem to be reporting about a Swedish gaming magazine called Level which is said to contain a Mega Man 20th article. But what's really capturing the interest of the e-journalists is the picture of the cover: a stylish image of Mega Man by manga artist Hitoshi Ariga. Now I'll admit I don't really see what the hub-bub is about. It's a pretty cool picture and all, but I guess being familiar with Ariga's work for some years now takes away the flavor for me. But I suppose it's still nice to see support for the man in blue.

Now if they announced a new Mega Man game with Ariga's artistic direction, that'd be something to go nuts over.

-Heat Man