You Know You Want This: Capcom's Exclusive Mega Man Art Giveaway

What better way for Capcom to promote their swinging new upcoming title, Bionic Commando, than with... Mega Man art?! It's strange and it's true, as the Capcom US blog (aka Capcom*Unity, the best thing they've done with the site since they set foot online) has revealed that Ben Judd, the producer of Bionic Commando and the rest of the troops at Top Secret: The Bionic Commando Podcast have prepared a special guest appearance by "The Father of Mega Man" himself, Keiji Inafune, as he talks about greenlighting the project, his time at Capcom, and answering some reader questions.

Why are we reporting this? We're a Mega Man site, right? Well, that's the beauty, as Mr. Inafune has created a special exclusive, one-of-a-kind picture of Mega Man to be given away to a lucky listener that asks Inafune a question. The Top Secret crew will give Inafune the questions, and he himself will decide who's decorating their home with Blue.

But what makes this piece so special? Well, besides having an Inafune original... if you've seen the stuff he's given out to people conducting interviews, websites, etc., you'll notice he often does a quick "Classic" Mega Man head with his autograph, but this one goes all-out, adding a Santa hat, the V sign, and even a splash of color.

To enter, just run over here and drop your question into the Questions and Comments box, and be sure to include your name and e-mail, or else you get squat. So head on over, drop in your two zenny, and enjoy the show as we find out more about Nathan Spencer's newest venture.