Rumor: Mega Man to Scramble into Battle on Wii?

From Advanced Media Network: Rockman Synergy Commons via NeoGAF and C3 News, has come across an interesting tidbit in the form of a purported Retailer List featuring a number of new Capcom games. Among no-brainers such as MegaMan Star Force 2 for the DS and not-unexpected titles like Zack & Wiki 2 for the Wii lies one new yet familiar gem, shining amidst the other titles like a diamond in the rough: Mega Man Scramble Battle.

The game, listed in some places as an action/RPG title, is said to be on track for a Q4 2008 or Q1 2009 release, which sounds about right where these kinds of revelations are usually concerned. Capcom, however, "does not comment on rumors," so there's no confirmation nor denial at this time.

For the full scoop on the likelyhoods and probabilities of this, check out the complete article at AMN.