More From the 20th Bash

Here's a quick list of some additional facts and announcements from the Rockman 20th anniversary event in Japan, some of them interesting and some of them a little random.

  • On Nov. 22nd, when Ryuusei no Rockman 2 releases, Capcom will open a Misora Hibiki (Sonia Strumm) homepage on the RnR 2 site. Should be interesting.
  • Following the Rockman Zero Official Complete Works, Capcom will release the Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works this coming March. It's uncertain for the moment if both series will have their own books or be combined.
  • A new Rockman Megamix by Hitoshi Ariga is in the works. Apparently a Rockman 3 based manuscript was on hand at the event.
  • For the first time Keiji Inafune revealed the inspiration for the characters Zero and Vile. Zero's basis is said to be from a character named Solo in the game Strider Hiryu. Meanwhile, Vile is purportedly based on the character Bubba Zenetti from Mad Max. And here you all thought it was Boba Fett.
  • As stated before, Keiji announced he wants to make a new Rockman game. The key phrase here is "wants to," nothing certain was mentioned at the event. Still, it's hardly doubtful a new Rockman wouldn't be coming sooner or later, and I also don't think Keiji is the type to make trifling comments in the face of a huge audience of excitable Rockman fans.

News Credit: Gyroman Black

-Heat Man