Your Dose of CoroCoro

cornov07-1cornov07-2The December issue of CoroCoro is in with much thanks to Dark Napalm. The first page of this month's issue reveals the winner of the boss character design contest: Goat Kung-Fu, a combination of martial arts and the constellation Capricornus. It also shows the human boy who transforms into this character: Kenta Yagi. Congratulations to the winner Kentaro Fujii. On the second page, some of RnR 2's new battle cards are showcased. Here's what they have:

Guardian: Places a statue that attacks enemies with a sword. The effects of its attack can be changed by inputting commands. White Meteor: Sends meteors to any normal panels on the back nine panels. Double Stone: Places two stone obstacles. Their placement can be altered by inputting commands. Piranha Kiss: Piranhas charge at enemies from empty panels. Stealth Laser: A laser fires at the enemy with the greatest HP. Super Barrier: A barrier that can withstand 100 damage. Mummy Hand: Paralyzes enemies that are nearby Rockman.

On the other side of the page, it's shown that bosses from the previous RnR title are able to be fought by some means. Naturally you can get their battle cards too. Also, by putting the old Rockman EXE GBA games into the DS's GBA slot, you will be able to unlock special events and encounters. The images show Goyouda giving Subaru a request to check out a box, which turns out to have viruses in it. Good times.

Ryuusei no Rockman 2 releases in Japan next week. We'll be sure to deliver whatever info and media we can, provided we're all not still playing Super Mario Galaxy!

-Heat Man