Techno Arrange Album Track List

Another update from TEAM Entertainment has revealed the track list to the 20th Anniversary Rockman 1-6 Techno arrange album. It includes Heat Man's theme even, which is all the more reason to get it. You can go check our previous report for the track lists of the other albums and other info. -Heat Man

Rockman 1-6 Techno Version track list: 01.Stage Sellect mix medley 02.Elecman mix 03.Dr.Wily 1 (Rockman2)mix 04.Quickman mix 05.Airman mix 06.Heatman mix 07.Snakeman mix 08.Magnetman mix 09.Dr.Wily 2 (Rockman4)mix 10.Starman mix 11.Flameman mix 12.Elecman (Original, Short Ver.) 13.Dr.Wily 1 (Original, Short Ver.) 14.Quickman (Original, Short Ver.) 15.Airman (Original, Short Ver.) 16.Heatman (Original, Short Ver.) 17.Snakeman (Original, Short Ver.) 18.Magnetman (Original, Short Ver.) 19.Dr.Wily 2 (Original, Short Ver.) 20.Starman (Original, Short Ver.) 21.Flameman (Original, Short Ver.)