Rockman 20th Anniversary Soundtracks - there's more?

It has been recently reported that Capcom is going to release a rock arrange soundtrack of tunes from Rockman 1~6 on December 5th. However, it seems that may not be all. Japanese online shops with pre-order pages are not only talking about a rock arrange version, but a techno arrange version as well. No news about this techno version has surfaced yet. However, according to the pre-order pages, guitarist Tohru Iwao of Guilty Gear fame has a hand to some degree in the rock arrange version. Furthermore, the soundtrack is being published by Team Entertainment. What could be next? A classical version? A rap version? A Weird Al Yankovic polka medley version? And don't forget, Capcom is also going to release original soundtracks for Rockman 7 and Rockman 8 on November 21st. At least music-wise, Capcom is going all out for MM's 20th.

News Credit: Gyroman Black

-Heat Man