Return of WGA and the Ongoing Contest

Hi there, fellow Mega Man artists! Your new art director Tabby here. I'm certainly enjoying my stay at Mega Man Network so far. A couple of things I wanted to mention. First, the Weekly gift art has escaped from the front page of Atomic Fire, and made it's new home in MegaMan Network! Also, the fanart gallery has reopened. We decided to try a fresh start with the fanart, and have a clean new gallery to open with. (So if there's fanart you didn't like on AF's galleries, rejoice, it's gone.

How to get a gallery, how to submit a WGA, and all the rules revolving around that can be seen at the Fan Submissions page. It's pretty much the same rules from Atomic Fire, only with some minor tweaks added in. Make sure you give them a read over before emailing me.

Also, don't forget! Atomic Fire may be 'gone', but the contest we started on it is not! Go to the Contests page to check out the details. It's halloween ZX/Advent artwork, and you can get a poster, and ZX Advent as a prize! There's not much time left, and so few entries! Just email it my way when you're done.