CoroCoro Initial Report

While we're still waiting on scans for the latest issue of CoroCoro, some preliminary info has begun to hit the 'net. Here are some details about Ryuusei no Rockman 2 we can tell you in the meantime.

  • Bly is presumably a human named Solo, who vehemently hates Brothers. He intends to revive the lost continent of Mu, as he is a survivor of the last humans who lived there. He is able to transform by means of his "proof of loneliness." His attacks include Bly Knuckle - a series of quick punches, Bly Burst - an energy shockwave, and Bly Arts - a chain of attacks including punches and somersault kicks.
  • Doctor Orihime is also aiming to revive the continent Mu, though only for the sake of taking over the world.
  • By utilizing the same "proof of loneliness" the player can access three mysterious transformations: Bly Berserk, Bly Dinosaur and Bly Shinobi. They're said to have a black appearance, and for now the details on them are unclear.
  • WiFI battle tournaments can have up to seven max players. These tournaments are initiated at the "Sky High Colosseum." The tournaments seem to be handled differently than regular battles:

-All players in the tournament have the same folder, and folders can be found in the Sky High Colosseum. -All players' HP is set to the player with the highest HP. -Each player starts with a star, and will compete to gain the most stars. -A player can move freely around the field and choose his opponent. -All battles are entirely one turn. Whoever inflicts the most damage in the turn is judged the winner. -If a player manages to defeat another player in the turn, he will take all of that player's stars. If it's a judgment victory, then only half the stars. -The tournament winner is the one with the most stars at the end.

News Credit: This blog and this one.

-Heat Man