Podcast 004 - What Do You Think of the MMN/AF Merger?

WARNING: This Podcast contains suggestive language and may upset you if you're Anti-TMMN. Listen at your own discretion. Recorded October 6th, 2007 - Around the end of September, Atomic Fire webmaster Heat Man approached LBD "Nytetrayn" about a merger of some sorts. Atomic Fire wasn't as fun to keep maintaining like it used to be, and with other issues abound, he wanted to finish off the site. He didn't, however, want the work that was put into it to go to waste. Which is why in the end, we at TMMN decided for the merger, and here we are. We spent about a half hour going on about other's comments about the merger, and even of our own. We kinda veered off to a "@#$% yeah, TMMN rock" near the end, even going as far as saying some things about some affiliated MM sites, but we mean no harm, it's all in good fun. ;) Enjoy, and make sure you keep your eye on us. Today Atomic Fire, tomorrow THE WORLD! ... *cough* TMMN does the undo-able and sees the unsee-able: ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA!!

.... Sorry, I have to say it. We are The Mega Man Networkwe are always made of 40% Podcast Members This Session:

  • comicchaser
  • Goten X (Podcast Host)
  • John (Host)
  • Jowy (also known as Sixteen)
  • magic
  • Maverick-jin8
  • TheDivine
  • theory C

Special guests include:

  • YukiOnna, a fairly new IRC goer (she was just in the Skype call and decided to stay to listen to the podcast)
  • A barking dog (only barked during the intro, didn't bother to ask who's dog it was, though :P)

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