Get Equipped With Atomic Fire

It's funny how things work sometimes. Here we are, running a website dedicated to Mega Man, a hero once best known for his ability to acquire the abilities of his fallen foes. Of course, things were a little different then, when Mega Man would silence his foe without uttering a word himself, and that would be that.

But the recent happenings with Atomic Fire, who was less a foe and more a friendly rival (barring the disposition held by some visitors) at worst, reflect the most recent of the "Classic" Mega Man games, Powered Up.

Atomic Fire has not been terminated as in the ways of old, but in a fashion more befitting the PSP title, the dynamic has simply been changed. The merger of The Mega Man Network and Atomic Fire does not signal the end of what once was, but rather marks the beginning of a new, more powerful entity. In addition to the acquisition of such valuable assets such as music, oekaki, and art both official and unofficial, we have also taken on new friends as well. Rather than stepping over fallen bodies, we have extended our hands for new staff to join, with Heat Man, Tabby, and others standing alongside us to help compile and provide the most and the best Mega Man content, all under one proverbial roof. And hopefully, members of the AF community will join with us as well.

As such, Atomic Fire is not dead by the hand of The Mega Man Network as some have feared, but rather it continues to live on inside, a part of us now. Two good sites have come together to form what we hope will become a whole greater than the sum of its parts. 1+1=3, if you prefer.

Now with a stronger staff and the spirit of Atomic Fire's passion burning inside us, The Mega Man Network stands ready to be the Mega Man fan site for all of your information and resource needs. Let this mark... er, another new era for The Mega Man Network, as we march forward to a new age of Mega Man information and appreciation... and for EVERLASTING PEACE!

--LBD "Nytetrayn"