Fooled You, Didn't We?

Ladies and gentlemen please Would you bring your attention to me? For a feast for your eyes to see An explosion of catastrophe

Like nothing you’ve ever seen before Watch closely as I open this door Your jaws will be on the floor After this you’ll be begging for more

And with that, it brings me great pleasure to finally be able to say that Project: Blue Bomber is now ready.

The Mega Man Network is BACK!

As you can see, we have not been idle these past several months. Much has changed, as you can plainly see. In the past, there has often been talk about new and improved versions of the site, with more content coming, but as the saying goes, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." So with new layouts, there would be some new additions, but then things would get in the way. Things like life. The biggest problem before was that, no matter how much was done, it all had to filter down through a single gateway to make it onto the site, and that wasn't always feasible.

So to be able to more readily, willingly, and ably provide information, The Mega Man Network has taken on its next big step, its next true evolution: we've gone Wiki.

Of course, this is not your run-of-the-mill anyone-can-hack-it Wiki, oh no. This format has been set up so that anyone on The Mega Man Network's staff is able to add new content, or make changes to old content as it is needed, without having to place all of the burden on a single individual. And of course, this reduces the chances of vandalism or untruths making their way into our coverage of Mega Man.

And speaking of our coverage, while the site remains an ongoing work in progress, our goal is to cover Mega Man. All of it. From Classic and X to Star Force and ZX to even the other, lesser-regarded aspects... We may come off as a little greedy, but quite simply, our goal is to have it all.

To put it another way, The Mega Man Network you see here today is not the end result of months of work, but the beginning of a much larger vision. Over time, we will expand to include other things, including Rockman Radio, more articles and editorials, tutorial videos, and even open up more for works created by fans, including your own articles, fanart, music remixes, and even fandom-based Wiki entries (separate from the official material, of course).

Let this mark a new era for The Mega Man Network, as we march forward to a new age of Mega Man information and appreciation... and for EVERLASTING PEACE!

Ladies and gentlemen good evening You’ve seen that seeing is believing Your ears and your eyes will be bleeding Please check to see if you’re still breathing

Oh, and... you didn't think we were going to just throw away a seven-year history just to call ourselves "Blue Bomber," did you?

--Lord Black "Nytetrayn" Draco, Site Administrator