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From Capcom Unity: Mega Man Zero 2 Recollections

It's actually been a few years now since I really sat down and played any of the Zero games. ..

Aero's Voice Actress Revealed? (Update: Nope!)

Some light may be shed on the identity of the voice behind this member of the Bright Bats. Or not.

The Blue Ink Reviews Mega Man #49 – The Once and Future X

As you may remember from the preview pages, the assorted Series 2 and 3 Robot Masters find themselves being awakened in Light Labs with the promise of a new lease on life.

Mega Man 8 Coming to PlayStation Store on 5/27/15

By the look of things, this Mega May will have been a Super Mega May by the time all is said and done.

Deep Silver, Mighty No. 9, and Keiji Inafune at MCM Comic Con This Weekend

Just a quick note for anyone who might be fortunate enough to attend the MCM Comic Con in London this weekend...

From Capcom Unity: Mega Man Zero Recollections

The first time I laid eyes on some early preview material for Mega Man Zero, I knew we were in for something different.

Mega May Carries on with Mega Man Zero 2

Have Z-Saber, will travel.

A Critical Look at Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge Stages: Dr. Wily Stage 2

Welcome to Wily's Space Fortress. Enjoy your stay.

Is Mega Man III Truly as Hard as They Say?

That's the question which seems to be put forth in an edition of "I Might Be Wrong There" (which follows with "to be fair, we usually are") by The D-Pad that takes a look at the third Game Boy title in the Mega Man series.

Capcom Recap Spotlights Two Mega Man X Games Played at Once

At least one of these is something I should have tackled previously, but at least now I get to kill two Pipis with one Power Stone.