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Proto Man Pre-Orders Proceeding

About a week ago, we brought you the latest from First 4 Figures regarding the Proto Man statue from their Mega Man line. This week, there are many more details to hear and pictures to see!

Raise a Million for M. Bison (And Wood Man and Spark Mandrill and Commander Beef and...)

Can you spare a dollar for Richard Newman? Just say "Yes! Yes!"

A Critical Look at Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge Stages: Elec Man

Right away, we're introduced to a new hazard.

Mega May Returns - Get Your Ballots Ready!

Hey, remember when we called it?

Covers and Solicitations for Sonic: Worlds Unite Battles #1 and New Mosaic Piece

It's been a wild month with all the Worlds Unite info pouring in.

Mega Myths: Mega Man Zero, Part 5

We’ve retired the Mutos Reploids and toppled the highest ranking Guardians of Neo Arcadia. Now it’s time to take on the leader of Neo Arcadia’s iron-fisted regime, Copy X himself—and to study those who fight against him, including one shiny red warrior.

Covers and Solicitations for Sonic The Hedgehog #275: Worlds Unite Part 11

We're closing in on the end of Archie's Worlds Unite mega-event-- well, the solicitations part, anyway-- with the 275th issue of Sonic The Hedgehog.

Preview Pages for Mega Man #48: The Ultimate Betrayal Part 4

We're one day away from the final part of Archie's adaptation of the classic Mega Man 3 in "The Ultimate Betrayal" part 4. In the meantime, enjoy this five-page preview, and check back soon for Erico's Blue Ink review!

Project X Zone 2 Confirmed, Brave New World Rich in X-ly Goodness

Zeroing in on a release this year.

Worlds Unite Mosaic: It's Not Over Yet!

Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff.