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Mega May Carries on with Mega Man Zero 2

Have Z-Saber, will travel.

A Critical Look at Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge Stages: Dr. Wily Stage 2

Welcome to Wily's Space Fortress. Enjoy your stay.

Is Mega Man III Truly as Hard as They Say?

That's the question which seems to be put forth in an edition of "I Might Be Wrong There" (which follows with "to be fair, we usually are") by The D-Pad that takes a look at the third Game Boy title in the Mega Man series.

Capcom Recap Spotlights Two Mega Man X Games Played at Once

At least one of these is something I should have tackled previously, but at least now I get to kill two Pipis with one Power Stone.

Covers and Solicitations for Mega Man #52: Worlds Unite Part 12 and Legends of the Blue Bomber TPB

The end is here -- Mega Man #52 marks the 12th and final part of the Worlds Unite crossover, and the cover is cool enough that we don't want to spoil anything in the teaser image (so here's the cover for Legends of the Blue Bomber instead)!

Preview Pages for Mega Man #49: Prisoners of War

Tomorrow marks the release of the 49th issue of Archie's Mega Man, featuring the fallout of the Mega Man 3 adaptation.

GameTrailers' Top 10 Robots

GameTrailers has posted their Top 10 Robots in video games. Naturally, you just know that Mega Man has to make the list somewhere, right?

Version 1 of Mega Man X4 PC Patch Released

Are patches for Mega Man X4 on PC becoming a thing now?

Mighty No. 9: The Mighty Voices, Part 3

Are you ready for Round 3?

Jack In! Mega May Continues with Mega Man Battle Network 3

One, two, White, Blue...