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The Blue Ink Reviews Mega Man #47 – Castle of Decapitations

It's one of those days for Mega Man. Your home's been torn to pieces, your former arch-nemesis-turned-good-guy has revealed that he's still a jerk, your brother tried to kill you over reasons, and... oh yes, nearly forgot: You've got a big hulking yellow thing you barely killed once breathing down your neck in the darkness. Just one of those days.

A Critical Look at Mega Man Stages: These Enemies are the Pits

So, these guys. One of the most hated Mega Man enemies, and for good reason.

Jump'N'Shoot Attack is Available Now for iOS and Android

Earlier this month, we brought you word of a Mega Man-esque title by FreakZone Games that ScrewAttack was bringing to mobile platforms, Jump'N'Shoot Attack.

Images and Pre-Orders for Kidrobot's 7" Mega Man and Proto Man

It's been just a little while since we last heard anything about Kidrobot's Mega Man offerings.

Preview Pages for Mega Man #47: The Ultimate Betrayal Part 3

The third part of Archie's Mega Man 3 adaptation story arc, "The Ultimate Betrayal," will arrive in comic book shops tomorrow. However, we have a five page preview for you right here and right now!

Mega Man Zero 3 Hits Europe's Wii U Virtual Console This Week

It was just last week that we were here discussing the newly-announced Wii U Virtual Console release of Mega Man Battle Network (aka Rockman.EXE) 4: Blue Moon and Red Sun in Japan, as well as Europe having a slight lead on North America when it comes to the Mega Man Zero series.

Ian Flynn Answers Mega Fans' Mega Questions

Over on the website of Archie's Mega Man writer,, Ian Flynn recently took the time to answer some questions submitted by fans regarding Archie, Sonic the Hedgehog, Power Rangers, The Legend of Zelda, his approaches to writing, Canada, and much more... including, of course, the Blue Bomber himself.

Get Mega Man X4 and X5 for Under a Buck Each on PSN Until Monday

Looking for something to do this weekend, and have a couple of bucks to spare? Well, if you've invested in select portions of the PlayStation family of systems, then you're in luck!

X-Plus Toys' X Plus-Sized Toy Up for Pre-Order

Wow, a bunch of tips came in on this one... hopefully there are still people left to read this who haven't already heard about it!

A Critical Look at Mega Man Stages: The Big Guys

As the damage sponge of Mega Man's roster, Big Eyes filled a memorable role in the first game. They're tough to take down, tough to avoid, and will happily stomp new players into a corner when given the chance. Some variation of them appears in each game so far, and their use in the stages is worth reviewing in greater detail.