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The Completionist Takes On the Second Three Mega Man Games

You might recall earlier this year when Jirard of "That One Video Gamer," aka "The Completionist," took on the challenge of the first three Mega Man games from the Mega Man Anniversary Collection...

Shmuplations: Rockman X and the Doorway to Hell

Who ever knew that the way to get Keiji Inafune psyched up to create the first Super Famicom/NES Rockman game was to offer him a free meal?

Proto Man Pre-Orders Proceeding

About a week ago, we brought you the latest from First 4 Figures regarding the Proto Man statue from their Mega Man line. This week, there are many more details to hear and pictures to see!

Raise a Million for M. Bison (And Wood Man and Spark Mandrill and Commander Beef and...)

Can you spare a dollar for Richard Newman? Just say "Yes! Yes!"

A Critical Look at Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge Stages: Elec Man

Right away, we're introduced to a new hazard.

Mega May Returns - Get Your Ballots Ready!

Hey, remember when we called it?

Covers and Solicitations for Sonic: Worlds Unite Battles #1 and New Mosaic Piece

It's been a wild month with all the Worlds Unite info pouring in.

Mega Myths: Mega Man Zero, Part 5

We’ve retired the Mutos Reploids and toppled the highest ranking Guardians of Neo Arcadia. Now it’s time to take on the leader of Neo Arcadia’s iron-fisted regime, Copy X himself—and to study those who fight against him, including one shiny red warrior.

Covers and Solicitations for Sonic The Hedgehog #275: Worlds Unite Part 11

We're closing in on the end of Archie's Worlds Unite mega-event-- well, the solicitations part, anyway-- with the 275th issue of Sonic The Hedgehog.

Preview Pages for Mega Man #48: The Ultimate Betrayal Part 4

We're one day away from the final part of Archie's adaptation of the classic Mega Man 3 in "The Ultimate Betrayal" part 4. In the meantime, enjoy this five-page preview, and check back soon for Erico's Blue Ink review!