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Two More Episode Descriptions for Mega Man: Fully Charged

A wild Namagem appears.

Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 18 Preview

Who wood have expected this?

Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 17 Preview

Mega Man may have some unique chemistry with this episode’s Robot Master.

Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 16 Preview

Get ready for the most electrifying Man in Mega entertainment.

Voice Actor Yuka Imai Retires

Voice of Copy X and Leviathan calls it a career.

Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 15 Preview

Dr. Ill Man is in the hiz-ouse, dropping some sharp beats!

Mega Man 30th Anniverary Bundle on the Way to Xbox One

Other platforms as well, maybe?

Mega Man 11's Final Two Robot Masters Revealed

One for the money, two for the show; eight Robot Masters are ready to go.

Nero Gets Meganized in Devil May Cry 5

Yellow Devil Trigger?

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A tale of two gears.