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The Blue Ink Reviews Mega Man #48 – Yes, Virginia, There is a Mr. X...

For those of us who were looking for an epic fight against Gamma, this issue definitely delivered.

The Dark Man Side of Kazoo

When you hear the name of the villainous Dark Man, the robot employed by Dr. Wily to frame Proto Man for the kidnapping of Dr. Light, you probably think of something sinister, something diabolical, something... well, dark.

A Critical Look at Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge Stages: Fire Man

Sure, let's stand here and shoot some Suzys.

Review: Rockman Dystopia

Living up to its unspoken promise, Rockman Dystopia delivers an aggressive, hard-edged take on vintage Mega Man tunes.

USgamer Explores the History of Inti Creates

The year 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Inti Creates, a company formed out of previous Capcom employees...

Editorial: Could Project X Zone 2 Be In for Some Special Guest Stars?

One thought on how some of the biggest names from each company could be incorporated. It wouldn't be the first time.

The Completionist Takes On the Second Three Mega Man Games

You might recall earlier this year when Jirard of "That One Video Gamer," aka "The Completionist," took on the challenge of the first three Mega Man games from the Mega Man Anniversary Collection...

Shmuplations: Rockman X and the Doorway to Hell

Who ever knew that the way to get Keiji Inafune psyched up to create the first Super Famicom/NES Rockman game was to offer him a free meal?

Proto Man Pre-Orders Proceeding

About a week ago, we brought you the latest from First 4 Figures regarding the Proto Man statue from their Mega Man line. This week, there are many more details to hear and pictures to see!

Raise a Million for M. Bison (And Wood Man and Spark Mandrill and Commander Beef and...)

Can you spare a dollar for Richard Newman? Just say "Yes! Yes!"